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Understanding Floods and Flood Insurance

Floods are the most common form of natural disasters in the United States. A flood is defined as a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow. Unfortunately, floods can occur anywhere, and just because you haven’t experienced a flood in the past, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. For more flood facts and information visit our flood knowledge center.

Flood insurance is relatively inexpensive, especially when one considers the dramatic economic impact a single minor flood can have on a homeowner. Having a flood insurance policy can provide a property owner up to $250,000.00 in building coverage and up to $100,000.00 in contents coverage. The cost of flood insurance varies based on the flood risk determination zone of the property being insured. Protection is attainable for as low as $119.00 yearly. CLICK HERE to find out exactly how little it will cost you to protect your home!

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regularly updates flood risk determination zones for all areas in the United States. It is important to understand that flood risk isn’t strictly based on history. It’s also based on a number of other factors: rainfall, river-flow and tidal-surge data, topography, flood-control measures, and changes due to building and development. While living in a lower flood risk zone does result in a lower flood insurance premium, it definitely should not serve as the basis to forgo flood insurance. The NFIP reports that nearly 25% of all flood insurance claims come from low to moderate risk areas. For a complete definition of flood zones, click here.

What is the risk of flooding where I live:
Be aware of flood hazards no matter where you live, but especially if you live in a low-lying area, near water or downstream from a dam. Even very small streams, gullies, creeks, culverts, dry streambeds, or low-lying ground that appears harmless in dry weather can flood. Every state is at risk from this hazard. (Click here to purchase).

The National Weather Service has a web site which tracks the water levels of rivers located in the United States. For more information go to their web site: http://water.weather.gov/ahps/

Property damage caused by flooding can be extraordinarily expensive. The NFIP reports that the average flood claim over the past 10 years has amounted to over $33,000.00 per incident.

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