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Preparing for a flood will ensure that your family is safe and that your property sustains minimal damage.  If you know that you live in a flood-prone area, review your flood insurance coverage and spend some time on planning and preparing for a flood. READ MORE >>

For most of us, purchasing flood insurance may not seem like a priority. After all, any property loss or damage due to flooding is automatically covered by a homeowners' or renters' insurance policy — right?  Wrong. Contrary to popular belief, homeowners' and renters' insurance does not cover any type of structural or property loss or damage due to floods. READ MORE >>

Many people assume flood insurance is only meant for people who live in zones with a high risk, but this is often not the case. According to information provided by the National Flood Insurance Program, approximately 25% of flood claims happen in areas with a moderate to low risk and there is about a 26% chance of a flood occurring during a 30 year term for most mortgage holders. READ MORE >>

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