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After Hurricane Sandy tore up the east coast and wreaked havoc upon New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. Many east coast residents are now reconsidering purchasing flood insurance. All of a sudden, citizens living outside the flood zones found themselves taking on water and boarding up their homes in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. READ MORE >>

Flood maps issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provide information about how likely different areas  of land are to experience flooding. The maps are divided into zones, each represented with a different letter, which represents the relative risk of flooding in that area. READ MORE >>

Several areas of the country are at heightened risk for flooding due to heavy rains. This excessive amount of rainfall can happen throughout the year, putting your property at risk.  Storms over the Pacific Ocean bring heavy rains to the western United States between the months of November and April. READ MORE >>

It is no secret that coastal homes are often at a high risk of flood – some of these homes are even required to have flood insurance because the likelihood of flood is so high – but there are a surprising number of inland places that are considered to be high-risk areas as well. READ MORE >>

A flood is an overwhelming experience.  But taking quick action will put you back in control of your home and life.  Steps to take immediately: Steps to Take Immediately Step 1. Contact Your Agent or Company Representative to Report Your Loss: Have ready—the name of your insurance company, policy number and a phone number and/or e-mail address where you can be reached. READ MORE >>

Over the past several years, insurance claims from damage to flooding during cold and stormy conditions have greatly risen. 60% of current home insurance claims are the result of bad weather conditions and the effect they have on homes.  There are several precautions homeowners can take to minimize the effect the winter months can have on their homes. READ MORE >>

If you don’t own a home on a flood plain, you probably haven’t thought about adding flood insurance to your home. The fact is, you should. Flooding is the number one natural disaster that affects homes - even more than fire – and most homeowner's policies don’t have flood insurance built in. READ MORE >>

Quote and Buy OnlineDirect Flood Insurance Agency focuses 100% on insuring your assets against flooding. What sets us apart is that you can get a quote and purchase a preferred risk flood insurance policy immediately online. We are licensed to sell flood insurance in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. READ MORE >>

We are now licensed in Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa and Illinois. Purchase your flood insurance online now ( READ MORE >>

Yes, now you can purchase your flood policy online. Get your flood insurance now, with one easy click ( READ MORE >>

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